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Acoustic Duo Adam Chandler and Andy Brown performing songs from as far back as you can remember to the very latest chart topping tracks! If you are looking for an acoustic band or duo then you have come to the right place, with a repertoire of over 200 songs and growing everyday you are bound to love all the classics that Acoustic band perform. Both Andy and Adam have been performing for years at weddings, corporate functions even venues such as the o2 and Wembley Arena!

Based in London Acoustic Band are in perfect location to cover the UK and Europe. Adam and Andy travel the country performing to crowds big and small providing great live entertainment at affordable prices. Acoustic band have managed to get themselves a great reputation for making sure that they are not just a standard acoustic duo or band, they make sure they stand out from the rest and make every performance a little different from the last.

Wedding Entertainment
Acoustic Bad are very well known for performing at weddings whether during the ceremony or wedding breakfast, early evening or doing the party sets for the wedding reception you can be sure they will put on a great show. Having provided wedding entertainment for over 6 years the duo know what works well and have a wide range of packages to offer. You can have your wholes days entertainment covered and at half the cost of a band. Also have an intimate first dance with just vocal guitar and of course yourself and partner!


Corporate Entertainment
The Corporate market is one that is hard to get onto but once established you remain on the circuit for as long as you entertain. Acoustic duo have been on the circuit for over 5 years and are still going strong. Each corporate event caters for a different client or special occasion and Acoustic band make sure they take that into consideration with a different play-list and approach to each performance. This acoustic duo really are perfect entertainment for any corporate event!

Charity Entertainment
Adam and Andy do 3 charity events a year completely free of charge and then for all the others reduce the rates to make sure that the charity get the best fundraising event possible, Doing around 12 events a year for Charity Acoustic Band have helped make many charities thousands of pounds Acoustic band are a great choice of entertainment for any charity event!

Party Entertainment
Whether young or old you will find something in the duo's play-list that you will love from Pretty Woman to Superstition to more modern songs from The killers and Kings of Leon etc the dance floor will most definitely be a busy one. Party music and entertainment is something that The Acoustic Band are very familiar with.

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